The little alchemical shop of stories I always wanted to open. Told in a variety of materials and manifestations, made in alignment with the celestial weather, born out of my decades-long interest in gemstone lore, a lifetime of astrological study, and a love of jewellery.


Please note that the Story Shop artwork is currently unavailable outside of serbia as THE website is being updated for online sales.

The Philosophy Of Light

My first alchemical jewellery collection, an exploration of the character of our crystal kin and their relationship with the nature of light. It consists of sixteen pieces, and is my humble offering to the Angelic Realms.

Nature Is An Engine

My second alchemical jewellery collection celebrating the sensual pleasures of life on Earth, in all their phenomenological simplicity and ontological magnificence. It consists of eight pieces. Dedicated to Motherhood.

More Info & Crystal Care

I admire all crystals, gems and stones, and honour them as keepers of stories. They are both archetypal and personal, enveloping all there is embodied on this plane, being its original inhabitants. They are the perfect storytellers, trusted to weave a tale in its clear, unencumbered form. At the moment, I’m only designing jewellery, working with semi-precious stones, making sure all the materials are quality sourced. I will be adding other natural materials in upcoming collections, as well as other kinds of artwork in the Story Shop, too. Please remember to cleanse your stones every so often. They pick up environmental debris, like we do. Everyone has their own way. For me, I rinse them in cold water (unless they are lightly coloured), and leave them underneath my window for a lunar light bath on a full Moon day. A wash and a nap, like rest of us. Smudging with sage is also good, especially with the stones that should not be washed due to loss of colouring. For now – only avoid water with red corals in the new collection.

Disclaimer – The storytelling bracelets are created for your inspiration, as assistance in tuning into the mysteries of our crystal kin. Their lore is important to understand symbolically, as their archetypal patterning brings about a greater awareness of life, of what needs transforming, balancing and healing. Their colours, origins and textures bring us joy, which in itself is a powerful life potion – their magic comes from their character, as does ours. Please keep in mind that although astrological lore is observed by the author when crafting these artworks, they are pieces of art created in accordance to the artist’s beliefs, and should be purchased as such – not as magic or as medicine, because this they are not intended to be.

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