Poets, Mavericks & Prophets presents its Story Shop, envisioned as the blog’s crystal vaults, a little alchemical shop of stories told in a variety of materials and manifestations, something I always wanted to open, but never knew how it would arrive. In January 2021 it pre-launched with twelve storytelling bracelets, each of unique design and background. These pieces are not available for purchase any longer. New artwork is now being created, shaped by reflections on the first seeds.

These first pieces slowly came to life in the last few months of 2020, as fruits of my decades-long interest in crystal and gemstone lore, and a love of jewellery.

This was an intimate kind of passion, one that blossoms in silence and reverie. When I look at my stone family now, they evoke certain times in my life, or even certain years in history, an instant recall of memories, emotional and devotional, curious and humorous, melancholy and ebullient, wise and foolish.

I love these stones, and honour them as keepers of stories. They are both archetypal and personal, enveloping all there is embodied on this plane, being its original inhabitants. They are the perfect storytellers, trusted to weave a tale in its clear, unencumbered form.

At the moment, I’m only working with semi-precious stones, lava, amber, coral, sterling silver, and stainless steel, making sure all the materials are quality sourced, but there will be an odd glass or wood, if the story requires. In time, there might be a bit of gold, too.

Hope you enjoy them. If not to purchase, then just to look at.

If you purchase a piece that contains lava stone, remember that you can infuse it with an essential oil, the scent stays on for a while. Rose, lavender, and lemon are my favorites, see what essence you prefer best, depending on needs.

Please remember to cleanse your stones every so often. They pick up environmental debris, like we do. Everyone has their own way. For me, I rinse them in cold water, and leave them on my windowsill for a full day. A wash and a nap, like rest of us. Smudging with sage is also good.

When you decide to buy a story, as I would like to make your piece to fit your wrist well, with the purchase of the model, please send me an email at with your wrist measurement, along with your name and address for delivery. If it’s a gift, please let me know the person’s name & address, and if you can – their wrist size (or at least, if it is small, medium, or large). The patterning might be slightly different depending on size, due to the changed number of beads, but it’ll therefore be unique to your piece.

Please allow for approximately two weeks for the arrival of your purchase, as it will include the creation of the piece, as well as its path to you. Please note that the postage charge of £4 is included in the price, for more convenience.

I am shipping internationally via air mail from Serbia, where I am currently. When your storytelling bracelet arrives, if you can, please email me that it did so safely. If there are any problems, a missing or damaged piece, there will be a PayPal refund. Any feedback on the piece would be lovely, and very much appreciated.

NB. The storytelling bracelets are created for your inspiration, as assistance in tuning into the mysteries of our crystal kin. Their lore is important to understand symbolically and use alchemically – as archetypal patterning which brings about a greater awareness of life, of what needs transforming, balancing and healing. Their colours, origins and textures bring us joy, which in itself is a powerful life potion. Please keep in mind they are not medicine, as this they are not meant to be.

Until the new items arrive, please enjoy six of the first seeds.