Poets, Mavericks & Prophets is delighted to announce its Story Shop  – its first seed beads, storytelling bracelets, now available for purchase online.

Envisioned as the blog’s crystal vaults – a source of sustenance for its manifold activities – this will be a little alchemical shop of stories, told in a variety of materials and manifestations, something which I always wanted to open, but never knew how it would arrive into being.

The initial activity of the shop will be its crystal bracelet collection, starting with the first ten pieces which are now available for purchase. I will be adding more artwork as it is created.

These first pieces slowly came to life in the last few months of 2020, as fruits of my decades-long interest in crystals, and a lifelong interest in jewellery. They also arrived due to my ongoing saturation with words, and the virtual realm, in a period of contemplation on the importance of palpability and presence in our lives, the beauty of touch.

When I was small, I liked a gem just to gaze at, a Venusian interest to the core. In time, in my twenties, I would become interested in crystal lore, and with some luck and dedication, continued to work with stones, on my personal journey of alchemical discovery. The crystals I was gifted, and bought, especially pieces that I gave thoughtful dedication to, I felt to be very much alive – grounding and mysterious, equally.

This was an intimate kind of passion, one that blossoms in silence and reverie. When I look at my crystal family now, they evoke certain times in my life, or even certain years in history, an instant recall of memories, emotional and devotional, curious and humorous, melancholy and ebullient, wise and foolish.

I love these stones, and honour them as keepers of stories. They are both archetypal and personal, I am merely a drop in their ocean, as I know they envelop all there is embodied on this plane, being its original inhabitants. This is why they are the perfect storytellers, trusted to weave a tale in its clear, unencumbered form.

So, with a tiny silver gong, please meet the first seeds. They were created with inspiration, intent, and timing, but were very much involved in their own patterning while I was contemplating them. I feel they were teaching me their relationships and moods.

At the moment, I’m only working with semi-precious stones, lava, and sterling silver, making sure all the materials are quality sourced, but there might be an odd crystal glass or rosewood here and there, if the story requires. In time, there might be a bit of gold, too.

Hope you enjoy them. If not to purchase, then just to look at.

If you purchase a piece that contains lava stone, remember that you can infuse it with an essential oil, the scent stays on for a while. Rose, lavender, and lemon are my favorites, see what essence you prefer best, depending on needs.

Please remember to cleanse your stones every so often. They pick up environmental debris, like we do. Everyone has their own way. For me, I rinse them in cold water, and leave them on my windowsill for a full day. A wash and a nap, like rest of us. Smudging with sage is also good.

When you decide to buy a story, as I would like to make your piece to fit your wrist well, with the purchase of the model, please send me an email at with your wrist measurement, along with your name and address for delivery. If it’s a gift, please let me know the person’s name & address, and if you can – their wrist size (or at least, if it is small, medium, or large). The patterning might be slightly different depending on size, due to the changed number of beads, but it’ll therefore be unique to your piece.

Please allow for approximately two weeks for the arrival of your purchase, as it will include the creation of the piece, as well as its path to you. Please note that the postage charge of £4 is included in the price, for more convenience.

I am shipping internationally via air mail from Serbia, where I am currently. When your storytelling bracelet arrives, if you can, please email me that it did so safely. If there are any problems, a missing or damaged piece, there will be a PayPal refund (only way available). Any feedback on the piece (impressions, experiences, comments) would be lovely, and very much appreciated. Please share.

NB. The storytelling bracelets are created for your inspiration, as assistance in tuning into the mysteries of our crystal kin. Their lore is important to understand symbolically and use alchemically – as archetypal patterning which brings about a greater awareness of life, of what needs transforming, balancing and healing. Their colours, origins and textures bring us joy, which in itself is a powerful life potion, but please bear in mind they are not to be used as medicine, as this they are not meant to be.



The Blood Flow of Mother Earth

Red jasper, smoky quartz, sterling silver, and lava stone bracelet. First to be made in the series, dedicated to Anima mundi. Pure earth star, root chakra survival business, facilitating the sacral power of creation. Blood, earth, and holy smoke, one for the challenging times in life, with a silver lining. It reminded me of body magic, cell memory, the fire within. I wear it often, keeps me unburdened by pretense, all the frills are in its inner lace, the beating drum of our pulsating streams. Lore says that red jasper grounds us in our body, lava protects our personal space, and smoky quartz transmutes toxicity, eliminating all that is harmful and unnecessary. The piece is earthy, with a Saturnian hue, silver moonshine there to soften the edges. Price: £21 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Father Sky, all in Blue

Arizona turquoise, pyrite, and lava stone bracelet. Lore makes this combo a solar to throat chakra powerhouse, clearing communication, assisting in the manifestation of will. While beading it, there was a distinct feeling of a masculine force of steady progress, open roads, good tidings – of gentle, silent support. The way the skies can sometimes help us feel not too earthbound and alone. Turquoise is an extraordinarily happy stone, sacred to many beliefs, a gem of philosophers, artists, and wanderers. Tradition says it shields from the evil eye, and is naturally allied with pyrite, which is called ‘fool’s gold’, yet is a stone of pure determination. This piece has a Venusian hue, reflecting the embracing rays of the rising Sun. Price: £16 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Sundance, six steps West

Carnelian, citrine, lava rock, sterling silver, and hematite bracelet. This sacral and solar piece delighted me while I was creating it, a vision of pure calm of the Northern American desert, it brought back memories of adventures, the sweet feeling of success, encouragement, appreciation for one’s being as well as one’s work. It has a communal spirit to it, a collaborative joy, it’s artistic and entrepreneurial, vivacious and kind. In lore, carnelian is a stone of gratitude, fertility, frequent in ancient amulets, citrine a gem of prosperity, confidence, the ‘merchant stone’. To bring the two sides of the same impulse into balance, they should always be intertwined. Hematite, in traditions of yore, has been called the bloodstone, turning red when heated. A Martial drive to it, it clears the path, supported by lava stone, and tempered by the silver of the Moon. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Ms Luna Jade is online

Green jade, crystal quartz, pyrite, lava stone, and hematite bracelet. The only piece thus far I made under a particular celestial pattern – full moon on Hallowe’en, exalted in the sensual Earth sign of Taurus, and conjunct the truth-seeking, rebellious Uranus – electrifying all that is emotion and softness of the body with a single current of pure, detached insight. Lore gives jade, especially the green kind, a plethora of virtues. In Chinese tradition it is the most venerated gem, a stone of nurture, purity, and longevity. I felt that this heart chakra stone of the finest sort, combined with the grounding softness of lava, solar fire of pyrite, hematite’s magnetism, and the all-seeing multitask force of crystal quartz, would mitigate the odd Uranian revolutionary impulse, treasuring the palpable while surfing the electromagnetic. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


The Masterplan

Dzi agate, red jasper, white jade, sterling silver, crystal quartz, hematite, and lava stone bracelet. All plans change, but masterplans stay the same, because their aim is to change the player. This piece I made inspired by Dostoyevsky, and his writing of The Gambler, thinking of how the best art always burns its maker, and luck more often than not determines success. So I came up with this poker-like pattern. It presented to me an amulet of sorts, a royal flush in the direst of circumstances, an ability to show up fully when everything is at stake. Lava in crystal lore protects, red jasper pulls us back into our bodies, hematite focuses action, white jade calms in the storm, quartz recharges everything in the silver circuit, while the Tibetan dZi beads have a history as long as the tradition itself – the pricey high-quality pieces are often inherited. Legend has them fighting fire with fire, shielding against evil intent. Carved into a banded agate stone, they are said to release all that is malignly attached to us in one grand gesture of magical efficiency. It’s a fierce piece, not for everyone, inspired by the invincibility of the heart. Earth star to soul star. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Cosmic Nomad

Arizona turquoise, white jade, crystal quartz, lava rock, sterling silver, and hematite bracelet. Inspired by my cousin, a world traveller who trotted the globe a few times over (check out my Lola & The Poets podcast with Milica) – this piece is offered as a pure good luck charm, as fortune seems the key ingredient that makes a nomad, along with courage and immense curiosity. Lore gives lava the ability of softening the ground below, hematite amps up our endurance, silver helps us find shelter in the moonlight, white jade soothes the heart, while quartz clears up the debris of all that is not us. Legends of turquoise stone attribute to it an ability of protective magic, of tracing our cosmic origins in the skies, bringing peace, good cheer, and a safe journey, which is always towards home. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Inanna’s silver shoes

Rose quartz, onyx, and hematite bracelet. This is a tale of two sisters, of shadows and light, Sumerian goddess Inanna’s journey into the Underworld, comforting her widowed sister-goddess Ereshkigal, Queen of the Dead. It’s a story of Venus and Pluto, of the colour of tango, and the silver shoes that help us find the right balance between love and passion, Kundalini and heart. Rose quartz, a gem beloved by all, by lore is given the power of unconditional love, healing emotions and transforming relationships, while onyx provides the stamina and guidance with its dark sensual tones, hematite leading in the dance, a willing Mars to a Venusian tune. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Ancient Indigo and the Star

Lapis lazuli, pyrite, crystal quartz, and lava stone bracelet. When imagining a way out of the dark, I find there is always an indigo tunnel and a diamond gate, a connection that never leaves us, as we are made of the same stuff as stars are made of, as the Bard said. In tradition, lapis lazuli, mined in Afghanistan for 6,000 years, is the stone of the third eye chakra, a pathway to the crown gates. Following the alchemical dictum of ‘as above so below’, it is a stone of cosmic correspondence, legend connects it to Archangel Michael, as its material absorbs the pyrite stone of the solar principle, our own home star. Lava is a good ally to it, as it grounds and softens, and quartz is how we magnify all we have absorbed through intuition. Price: £16 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Sweet tunes of Soul Sister Blue

Bohemian glass, smoky quartz, crystal quartz, sterling silver. Inspired by a heritage of healing, and my soul sister Natasha, who is in the healing arts, embracing both the old and the new, helping me get my groove back, and stand again on my own two feet. Honouring our old-timey connection we feel to be so absolutely antediluvian, this piece has an attitude of both luxury and necessity, of royal robes protecting the true gem within. Crystal quartz is the master stone, and according to lore, aligns all chakras, restoring our whole body to energetic harmony, expanding the auric field, while smoky quartz shields it, cleansing it of environmental debris, and silver connects the two in moonlit tune. The Bohemian glass, with its extrodinary optical properties, gives this pattern just the right kind of third eye blue. Earth star to soul star. Price: £21 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov


Rosewood, in D minor

Red jasper, onyx, Navajo white jade, and hematite bracelet. A creation of a whimsical afternoon, it made me think of the piano lessons I had for years as a child, and how I never played since, the lost art of losing oneself in reverie, of music and melancholy, and how a beautiful low helps us grow. The way majestic roses are born, with their roots in the mud. Crystal lore has onyx as the stone of discipline, structure and mastery, of a Saturnian and Plutonian hue, connecting the root and the throat, aiding dedication to one’s calling. Red jasper pulls us into the sacral, fueling creation, hematite unleashes the magnetic power of intent, while jade takes it all to the heart strings, where the melody lives. Price: £18 + £4 postage. Please email your name, address, and wrist measurement. Art by: ©Milana Vujkov