Here are a series of phantasmagorical short stories I’ve started writing six years ago, probably best described as transrealism, if we need to tag them and sort them on a shelf. They were meant to be part of a collection called Demolition Road, thirty-three characters dwelling on the margins of society, fighting valiantly to give their lives meaning, submerged in the fantastical, lonely inner worlds they created –circle-cropped (7) built from pain, sorrow, strife, mental anguish, emotional trauma & unlucky twists of fate. Not really sure where these sweet people came from, as each one seemed to exist in a parallel reality before I tapped into it, pushing their own story, in a stream of consciousness, for me to jot down. One scenario is that they are all my brain people, traditionally brewed from my own creative soup, another one that they present a particularly headstrong form of co-creation with the imaginal, and yet another could be that I’ve unplugged a portal, and am now compelled to write its inhabitants to life.

In the best tradition of nomen est omen-ism, a few wanted to come through at the same time, so the hole in the imaginal wall on Demolition Road got blocked for years. That happens. I’ve meant to send some of their life stories to publishers/magazines, separate them & disperse them into the world, entangled with my own winding destiny. Somehow, that did not happen. So they found a space here, together, on this blog. I’m sure the road is now cleared up, and we’re ready to roll…

Demolition Road/Short Stories:
2. Fred Is Dead, 2014
3. The Fish Lady, 2015
4. Cruel Cuts, 2019
5. God’s Analyst, 2015/2020
[to be continued]

AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov

{image: Novi Sad, 2018, graffiti/translation: Where are your wings?}