Be your own secret society.

Dispersed amongst the philosophical nuggets I regularly post on home page are a few psychological nuggets disguised as absurdist exercises. They are gathered here, on a designated page, with links, for easier access.

Created spontaneously, on a whim, their intention is therapeutic – but they are not therapy. As the man says, for entertainment purposes only. And really, have fun with them. These are tongue-twisters, alchemical play, meant to loosen up our masks, spark up our psyches, and assist in aligning with the potential of the moment. This helps articulate personal insight, the first step to transformation. No one knows you better than you.

They are playful, built to be foolish, as the path to wisdom starts with a gaffe. Take them as amusement, your path to your muse, joy in itself is healthy. Then make your own nuggets.

Alchemy, for me, is nothing more, or nothing less, than free-form tradition of the seekers. It is interchangeable in all our cultures, a component of every soul teaching. We choose what it represents for us, individually, but it works collectively. A golden thread of study and application that will find a home wherever it roams.

It loves life.

Journey bravely, journey safely, I wish you joy on the road.


Anima mundi

All narrative is a lie.
The truth can only be heard in the pauses between words.
In stillness.
When we recognize our own breath.


Let go of what most concerns you, and fill the void with water.
Then let the water flow slowly onto fertile ground.


Imagine thoughts as butterflies caught in the steel net of your troubled mind. Pierce the net with a sharp sound. Let them out. One by one.

Sisyphus Released

Push the walls on both sides until your hands sink through them.
Lift them up in the air. Take a deep breath.
Then blow them apart.

Poe for Beginners

House your fears in a derelict mansion on the edge of town.
Dress them up in period clothes & take away their shoes.
Let them loose on each other.


Filter your angst. Bottle it in a tiny green bottle, and label it “Poison”.
Then read the label, every day, until you are ready to flush it down the toilet.

Musica humana

Take your time to find the place all the lost memories are stored.
Dust off the debris of stormy nights and gently unlock the sacred vault. Listen to the symphony.


Divert the evil eye with a sharp object, a pipe & a magnifying glass.
Smile. If this doesn’t do the trick, instantly fetch the beast within.


At night, turn off all lights in the castle that is your mind, except one.
That’s the room your soul sleeps in.
It must never be left in the dark.

Sentimental Education

Open your closet. Carefully go through all your clothes, find your best pieces. Display them.
This is who you want to be.
Walk to your bookshelf. Take time to pick out your favorite books. Arrange them in a pile.
This is who you are.
Compare the two.

Sun King

To fine-tune yourself to react at the right moment, gaze at an overcast sky for one whole day, and every time a ray of sunshine comes through, smile.

Saturn’s Return

Glue your broken wings with the sweat of your brow.
It’ll hold. It’s the strongest bond in the Universe.

Moons Of Pluto

When you enter a space, check all its surfaces for shadows.
If there are more shadows than objects, leave immediately.
Something in there is devouring light.

Cor leonis

The guards at the gates, employed to save you, have imprisoned you.
Feed them honey & let them sleep a thousand years.
Replace their services with the honor of your heart.
This is your protection.

Forensic Astronomy

Assess the damage by magnifying your body to the size of a planet.
Follow the fault lines to their meeting point.
This was the place of first impact. Give it your full attention.
Then allow your core to fill the abyss with liquid gold.
Wait for the solar winds to strengthen its surface.
Build a temple on it, with white walls, and a blue dome.
Now, it’s your treasure. Forever.

24 hours

If you want to understand an event in your life, give it your undivided attention for one whole day.
Then go to sleep, and the pattern will unfold in front of you in your dreams. In the morning, you will have your answer.


Every day, when you wake up, greet the light with awe.
Every night, before you go to sleep, meet the darkness with respect.


Switch off channels, one by one, with precision & calm. When you find the one that doesn’t switch off when prompted, you’ve found your culprit.


Build your armor in silence. Noise disturbs intention.
The only sound you need to hear is the steady beat of angel wings.
Follow it closely.

Here Be Dragons

Feed the beast just enough for it not to devour you.

Saturn, Illuminated

Density and darkness make the path narrow, but straight.


Unleash yourself to the world, fully. To know who you are, you must see what opposes you.

False Idols

Demystify yourself & build a backbone from the debris.

Blind Spot

When your mind runs in circles, the way out is always laterally.

Your Move

Take those blocks set in your way and build your foundations from them.

The Good Shepherd 2

Sharpen your gaze and soften your mouth.

Lost And Found

In the face of cruelty wrap yourself with joy.


To understand the snake, you must listen to the beat of its hidden cold heart. And for that, you need to go low. Down on the ground below. Make it a prayer.

Free Alignment

The ground you walk on is the spine of the sky you see.

Sapientia serpentis

Places where you belong most are where you are valuable to the many and dangerous to the few.


Turn it around by unweaving the pattern.


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