NOTES ON ALCHEMICAL PSYCHOLOGY* is a series of texts dedicated to all creative therapeutic work merging the old ways & the new.

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   Be your own secret society.

Our planetary heritage of storytelling & healing is vast, extraordinary, both specific and interchangeable, perpetually effective, and experienced by many – but seldom included in the curricula of contemporary psychology. However, when tracing the origins of the science of the psyche, one finds that it is the backbone of all theory. Today, its alchemical ways are still mostly indulged in private, and disenfranchised in the public field of psychology. Half our human experience is, therefore, lost to our professional study, and open to misuse in practice. Yet all the material of our existence should be deemed valuable enough for us to embrace. Especially, when its lore endures for millennia. Our collective esoteric heritage has always embraced me, so I would like to honour it this way – through a scribbling pilgrimage of sorts.

*NB Although I am a psychologist by education, and in training as arts psychotherapist, I am a writer by vocation, so these notes describe a personal journey, meant for philosophical & creative entertainment – they are not therapy or substitute for therapy. But they are written with a sincere hope they hold space for other people’s experiences of the ilk, and will be of service to you.

  1. Windmills Of Our Mind – on solving riddles in our sleep with music.

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