Nature Is An Engine

Nature Is An Engine is my second alchemical jewellery collection, celebrating the sensual pleasures of life on Earth, in all their phenomenological simplicity and ontological magnificence. It consists of eight pieces, and is a dedication to motherhood – my own mother and grandmother, as well as the mystery of the Rose. It is my humble offering to Mother Earth, our forever constant anchor in celestial storms & cycles of life.

The eight bracelets in the NATURE IS AN ENGINE collection represent a work of alchemical art, in accordance with my own beliefs, in deep gratitude and awe of the beauty of our crystal kin. Thus the making of all bracelets is aligned with a Chaldean planetary day and hour, in sync with the specific stone, and this will be observed for every piece made. My intention is to balance the root storylines of the stones by acknowledging their myths, clear personal space for the wearer, and synchronise the astrological clock with the alchemical lore of the gems. The pieces themselves are not talismanic materia, which is done according to astrological elections, and is a high art onto itself.

In terms of shipment, bracelets will arrive in a pouch, with their crystal lore and storyline in print. If it is a gift, I offer services of poetic dedication. I am shipping via air mail from Serbia, so all internationally purchased pieces are made through PayPal and will have a fixed €6 postage fee automatically added to the total price of purchase. This is in line with the standard price for all registered small packets of up to 100g weight in international airmail PO Serbia letterpost services.

For purchases in Serbia, delivery and payment is made through a courier service. To order, please contact me via email.

Please allow for approximately two weeks for the arrival of your purchase after payment.  If there are any problems, a missing or damaged piece, there will be a PayPal refund.

The pieces all have different sizes due to the patterns of beading. It is possible to make them custom fit, too – please send me an email to discuss the options. Any feedback on the piece would be lovely, and very much appreciated.

Info and enquires:

Art by: Milana Vujkov ©2022 PMaPsArt Studio

“A rose is a rose is a rose.”


The collection can be viewed and purchased at Nature Is An Engine (2022) in the Story Shop, along with my first collection, The Philosophy Of Light (2021).

Disclaimer – The storytelling bracelets are created for your inspiration, as assistance in tuning into the mysteries of our crystal kin. Their lore is important to understand symbolically, as their archetypal patterning brings about a greater awareness of life, of what needs transforming, balancing and healing. Their colours, origins and textures bring us joy, which in itself is a powerful life potion – their magic comes from their character, as does ours. Please keep in mind that although astrological lore is observed by the author when crafting these artworks, they are pieces of art created in accordance to the artist’s beliefs, and should be purchased as such – not as magic or as medicine, because this they are not intended to be.

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