All narrative is a lie. The truth can only be heard in the pauses between words. In stillness. When we recognise our own breath.


Author: Milana Vujkov

Writer, artist, psychologist. Film historian. Independent scholar, researching psychology of film and spectatorship, the female gaze, psychology of art and creativity, archetypal enchantment, alchemical storytelling and art. BA Psychology-MA Film History. Tomatometer-Approved Critic. Presently, running two blogs: Poets, Mavericks & Prophets and Lola On Film, hosting Lola & The Poets podcast, and launching my newly minted PMaPsArt Studio, with its Story Shop and Workshops, and a designer PMaPsArt Shop on Redbubble. In the longer process of writing a novel and shooting a doc on female ancestry. Serbia/UK. More info in Full Bio.

To get in touch, please drop me a line at milana@poets-mavericks-and-prophets.com

Welcome to Poets, Mavericks & Prophets, a manufacturer of philosophical mischief, psychological acrobatics, alchemical art projects & esoteric master plans. PMaPs regular offerings are soulful nuggets, ephemeral impressions picked up in moments when the self & the Anima mundi aligned –  gathered as micro blog posts, scribbled & shared throughout the years as I went about the business of being a human. A psychological diary and a spirit to-do list, in one. If you fancy surfing poetry, digging into phantasmagorical stories, exploring alchemical psychology, choosing your film food wisely, enchanting your time with magical imagery, buying a piece of storytelling jewellery at the story shop, or alchemical design on Redbubble, while jingling a podcast on the mystical & the mundane while you’re on the road, it’s all here, in the Menuuploaded or streamed somewhere – give it a look and a whirl. For anyone searching for a creative boost, online, or in situPMaPsArt Studio is launching storytelling workshops, coming soon to a reality near you.

With hope that you find what you are looking for, on this site – and in life. Sweet travels.

Latest Posts

Old Flame

We used to ponder the world, you and I, in perfect whimsical harmony — profoundly & brazenly with complex thoughts & lingering phrases, sipping distilled fermented fruit & […]

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Crone Wisdom

When we do not forgive, we repeat the misfortune; when we forget, we repeat the mistake.

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Elliptical Economics

There are two kinds of people, ones who invest in order to receive a reward, and ones for whom the investment is the reward.

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Motorcycle Man

He smells of dust, freedom, and equality, the past & its circumstances, of soft lights and chatty nights, the unknown & the finally seen.

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Lost Cause

When it persists in resisting change or insight, sever all ties. Otherwise, you sink in its mud.

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Lady Black

Be like obsidian, translucent and impenetrable.

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The inimitable potency of a rear-view mirror on a sunny day.

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Boxy Lady

Quietly managing her small universe, expecting a divine intervention.

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Saturn Hour

Honour endings as you do beginnings. They release the binded darkness. No one is worth our breaking point.

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The Sacred Tree

PMaPsArt Studio is launching online alchemical storytelling workshops – the first course Autumn 2021 is The Sacred Tree. Workshops will be available in two languages, Serbian and English (International Workshops), and will take place from 23 October 2021 to Sunday, 12 December 2021. Please go to Workshops page for more info and payment options. For enquiries please email me at milana@poets-mavericks-and-prophets.com

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Friend and foe will both come to your well. Give them the same water, but in different cups. 🧿

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Lost Meanings

When communication becomes presentation, we only say what we think we should think.

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Dragon Tree

Nurture your X-ray vision, but never forget the softness of flesh.

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Officers, Gentlemen

It took a lifetime to understand, as I was brought up in a different fashion — that all that counts true when it comes to men… {read more}

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Trace back the road to the first time you felt unloved. Then choose another road.

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Curses travel first-class until they’re caught without a ticket by the sky police.

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Mostly Pink

Lonely like a lollipop on an empty counter at a seaside convenience store mid-December.

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Mistakes are creative material of the highest order.

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October 2021

 Delighted to announce that the PMaPsArt Studio Story Shop is now open for purchases. If you would like to browse or buy an artwork, please go to Shop.
 • • •
PMaPsArt Studio Workshops dates, prices, and full curriculum are finalised and published. Please note that they are now re-scheduled to start Jan 2022. For all info please go to Workshops. 
 • • •
Celebrating the Equinox with my new PMaPsArt Shop on Redbubble. Hope you enjoy browsing, and maybe purchasing a piece. Dedicated to William Blake.

“My work is a game, a very serious game.”

M. C. Escher


Demolition Road is a series of phantasmagorical short stories I’ve started writing seven years ago, and revisiting with great gaps in between. They would be best described as transrealism. Each one follows one of eleven characters, all dwelling on the margins of society, yet fighting valiantly to imbue their lives with meaning, and their time on Earth with joy, while submerged in intense fantastical inner worlds, potent with chaos, synchronicity & creativity. Five are written, six more are on their way.

If you are a curious lyrical soul, you will find a selection of my poems in tabs on the Poetry page, where you can also read my art manifesto, written in 2008. I’ve been thinking in verse and poetic imagery since I could write, and writing poetry since then. I would say that poetic expression is my most authentic way of creating as an artist, and poetry a sacred space where I feel most protected, and at home, in words and visuals.

Lola & The Poets Podcast

Lola & The Poets podcast is a virtual alchemical workshop exploring personal and collective magical journeys, the ways the mystical & the mundane are intertwined. Psychology, culture, art, alchemy. Solo shows & interviews. Out every odd Thursday. Hosted by Milana Vujkov.

On Plant Wisdom – With Don Roberto Lola & The Poets

In Episode 6 Lola & The Poets is joined by Don Roberto, medical anthropologist and medicine man, raised in Indonesia and London, based in Taiwan. We're talking glorious variety of topics, from childhood imaginal friends and UFO experiences, liminal multi-universe existences crossing lands and cultures, trajectory of processing beliefs into praxis, to what Don Roberto is uniquely qualified to discuss – shamanism and its lore, medicine cultures and practices, Shipibo plant spirit healing lineage in Peru, plant teachers as ambassadors of Mother Earth, body work and hypnotherapy, the role of music in creating sacred space, soul retrieval and entity removal, sorcery and cultural appropriation, psychonauts and psychedelia, and much more. SHOW NOTES: Spirit Of The Amazon YouTube Channel | Contact Don Roberto |  CREDITS: © Samovar Party by Shane Ivers | See more info on episode & credits. AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov
  1. On Plant Wisdom – With Don Roberto
  2. In The Shadows, Part 2 – Solo Show
  3. Mythic Doodling – With Divyam Chaya Bernstein
  4. In The Shadows, Part 1 – Solo Show
  5. On Wanderlust – With Milica Mijatović
  6. On The Magical Real – Show Intro

Story Shop

PMaPsArt Studio presents its Story Shop, envisioned as the blog’s crystal vaults, a little alchemical shop of stories told in a variety of materials and manifestations, made in alignment with the celestial weather.

Delighted to announce that The Philosophy Of Light – my first designer collection of crystal bracelets, is available for purchase. The collection is an exploration of the character of our crystal kin and their relationship with the nature of light, the message its stellar code embeds in the crystal’s sphere.

All artwork will be aligned with a Chaldean astrological planetary day and hour, with intention to balance the root storylines of the stones by acknowledging their myths, and clear personal space for the wearer.

Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with my new PMaPsArt shop on Redbubble! First six collections are Rose Medicine, Food Magic, Small Wonders, Natural Design, Anima and Psychogeography. Hope you enjoy browsing, perhaps purchasing a piece.

Art by ©Milana Vujkov. dedicated to william blake.

Storytelling Workshops

PMaPsArt Studio is launching alchemical storytelling workshops in Winter 2022, designed as temenos, joyful sacred spaces for psychological work and creative inspiration, drawing on alchemical symbolism, fusing storytelling, artistic expression & play. Lectures, conversations & practical exercises.

The First Course, The Sacred Tree, is a series of eight online group workshops now re-scheduled to start Sat 22 January until Sat 12 March 2022. For more info, full timetable and curriculum, as well as pricing & payment options, please go to Workshops page.

As introduction to the course there will be a free webinar held on Sunday 9 January 2022 (17-18.30h CET), via Zoom.

If you have any enquires please contact me at milana@poets-mavericks-and-prophets.com.


If you would like to read my theoretical work on film, particularly the psychology of cinema, film as the alchemical medium, and the idea of archetypal enchantment, please visit either my Lola On Film blog or Academia.edu where I also upload my papers, research and video materials.

Research interests
Art psychotherapy, psychology of cinema, psychology and alchemy, alchemical symbolism in art, women in the arts, female gaze, feminist film theory, transpersonal and archetypal psychology, cinema as therapy (spectatorship, filmmaking), visual anthropology, cinéma vérité, experimental cinema, film noir, documentary film, transrealism, psychogeography, storytelling in art therapy, psychology of exceptional human experiences, consciousness & culture.

Notes On Alchemical Psychology

Notes On Alchemical Psychology is a series of texts dedicated to personal creative therapeutic work, merging the old ways & the new.

A scribe’s pilgrimage through the spheres of elegant, respectable left brain academia, into the wild, ephemeral mysteries of the right hemisphere.

Find out more at Alchemy.

Find more alchemical storytelling, art and imagery at Poets, Mavericks & Prophets on Instagram.

Experimental Film

Alchemical storytelling and film art. For my docs and experimental shorts, please visit Poets, Mavericks & Prophets on Vimeo. where I will be uploading more of my work, past, present, and future.

Lola On Film

All my film writings, articles & reviews, and assorted filmology live at Lola On Film, created to deconstruct the spectacle, assess the state of film culture and hopefully help illuminate cinema’s place in society, as well as in our individual psychology. You can also find out more on my film work, curating, events, and guest appearances on Free Seed On Soho on Soho Radio.

Lola says…

In Filmology I contemplate on the psychology of film, the metaphysics of cinema, exploring new formats, in Film Theory I collect my academic texts for all my fellow film scholars and students, and in Film Culture you’ll find my impressions of where cinema art is at now, as a profession, a cultural phenomenon, physical space, and a medium. Also, a bit about my past curatorial and promotional work, and podcasts on film. In Film Archives I rewind back to films I believe shaped the zeitgeist, the undeniable imprint of these archival treasures both revolutionising craft and enriching the art of cinema with entirely new layers of creative expression. Film Reviews are the main offering of Lola On Film, the films picked both by intention and happenstance.