Transrealist phantasmagorical short stories, submerged in intense fantastical inner worlds, potent with chaos and synchronicity.


A little alchemical shop of stories, told in a variety of materials and manifestations, made in alignment with the celestial weather.


A series of texts dedicated to personal creative therapeutic work, merging the old ways & the new.


Lola & The Poets explores personal and collective magical journeys, the ways the mystical & the mundane intertwine. Solo shows, interviews.


A selection of my poems, old and new, plus the Art Manifesto I wrote in 2008.


Creative spaces, drawing on alchemical symbolism — combining storytelling, artistic expression & play. Book them here for your venue.


Escape Artist

Scintillating trails of luminous absences.

True North

Run, like no one is chasing you.


Mind like a ricocheted bullet.

Memo, Redux

Remember, only liars want you to believe that there is no truth.


We get the macrocosm we allow, and the microcosm we deserve.


A hundred deaths, before the real one ends them.

Bamboo Midnight

Growing myself out of a box, like a firecracker.


May you find your worship in joy.


We don’t get to keep people we don’t choose.


The road of excess might lead to wisdom, but wisdom is measure.

Porous Identities

It’s not enough to understand what others are, but to accept that what others are…


Ideology is, simply, religion without benefits.

Wild Patch

You know it’s not your garden anymore when the weeds take over.

Flat Earth

All dogma takes hold when we take a complex set of ideas a bit reductively…

The Eternal Playground

The point of crisis is the exact point in time when we begin recalling the…

Ghost Train

Find your own beat in the locomotion.

May You Have

The fibre-splitting tenacity of a pink carnation To boldly outlive its life-span In European lore…

Gold Standard

Poets, Mavericks & Prophets wishes us all a happy, bountiful, healthy 2023, the current sum…


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Art psychotherapy, psychology of cinema, psychology and alchemy, alchemical symbolism in art, female gaze, transpersonal psychology, post-jungian analysis, cinema therapy, spectatorship, visual anthropology, cinéma vérité, experimental cinema, film noir, psychogeography, shamanism, anthropology of magic.


Hidden In Plain Sight

On the lore of the traditional handcrafted Russian Doll, of stories nested within stories, astrological rising signs, and all things hidden in plain sight.

Emotional Archaeology

On approaching our photo archives as oracle guides, journeying through a labyrinth of our own camera obscura.


The Philosophy Of Light

My first alchemical jewellery collection, an exploration of the character of our crystal kin and their relationship with the nature of light. It consists of sixteen pieces, and is my humble offering to the Angelic Realms.

Nature Is An Engine

My second alchemical jewellery collection celebrating the sensual pleasures of life on Earth, in all their phenomenological simplicity and ontological magnificence. It consists of eight pieces. Dedicated to Motherhood.


PMaPsArt On Redbubble

First six collections are Rose Medicine, Food Magic, Small Wonders, Natural Design, Anima and Psychogeography. The new one, Holy Synaesthesia is a mix of my poetry with just the right blend of hue, courtesy of colour hex work.

Experimental FILM ON VIMEO