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  • Nature Is An Engine

    Nature Is An Engine

    My second alchemical jewellery collection celebrating the sensual pleasures of life on Earth, in all their phenomenological simplicity and ontological magnificence. It consists of eight pieces. Dedicated to Motherhood.

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  • Holy Synaesthesia

    Really thrilled to introduce my new PMaPsArt collection on Redbubble! HOLY SYNAESTHESIA, sweet mix of my poetry with just the right blend of hue, courtesy of colour coding. Definitely my kind of HEX work. Fuses well with so many textures and shapes. Available on many other products, and to be cont’d.Art by: ©Milana Vujkov Dedicated to William Blake.

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  • PMaPsArt On Redbubble

    PMaPsArt On Redbubble

    First six collections are Rose Medicine, Food Magic, Small Wonders, Natural Design, Anima and Psychogeography. The new one, Holy Synaesthesia is a mix of my poetry with just the right blend of hue, courtesy of colour hex work.

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  • The Philosophy Of Light

    The Philosophy Of Light

    My first alchemical jewellery collection, an exploration of the character of our crystal kin and their relationship with the nature of light. It consists of sixteen pieces, and is my humble offering to the Angelic Realms.

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