Art by ©Milana Vujkov

Free Of You

This is where I want to be.
Free of you.

My mind a blank, my belly stitched.
Free of you.

No nights without end.
No passion to tend.
No nightmares to fend.
No ghosts to embrace.
No mirrors to face.

Free of you.

Nothing to look forward to.
Free of you.

No feelings to defend.
No rules to bend.
Words to offend.
Just stillness to blend into.

Free of you.

There was no me.
There was no you.
It was never blue.
It was never true.

Free of you.

Electrical man
With a mechanical brain
Clutching my severed heart –
Let go.

I’m free of you.

You don’t believe me?
I’ll make it true.
The lights are off.
The power is cut.
Nothing for you
To latch on to.

See how easy it is
For me
To be

Free of you.

©Milana Vujkov, Free Of You, 2012

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