Lola & The Poets – In The Shadows, Part 1 – Solo Show

Lola & The Poets Podcast is a virtual alchemical workshop designed for spiritual detectives, exploring personal and collective magical journeys, the ways the mystical & the mundane are intertwined. 

★ In Episode 3 I’m back with the podcast after a unplanned and unsurprising six month interval, in a solo show about the concept of the shadow, both individual and collective, one of three shows on this topic I plan for 2020, talking about my overall impressions of the past several months, the shadow realm in the times of a pandemic, ideas of an infectious narrative through a personal theoretical prism, and two stories from my own shadows that dipped into the collective – a grim therapeutic regression from the mid-nineties which seemed to have immersed me in an Atlantean, antediluvian land, and a slightly more lighthearted macabre dream I had a decade ago about a kooky post-apocalyptic transhumanist future. Take it all as soul impressionism, use it wisely, and breathe in deeply. That’s all that matters. (52 mins)

LOLA SOLO In the Shadows PART 1 w pic

Downloads of Lola & The Poets Podcast are not yet available, but they will be soon. Please follow this blog for notifications, or visit PMaPs YouTube channel, if it is your preferred way to subscribe. I’ll always be uploading the episodes there, too. I will endeavour to have an episode out every odd Thursday, which means that it will drop when there’s something to say, or a guest to talk to – but the day of the week will always be the same. Hope to have the upcoming shows jotted down for you here, at least a few days in advance.

Stay tuned, poets.

AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov


Film, the Alchemical Medium: Archetypal Enchantment and the Transformative Potential of the Moving Image


Samovar Party is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License by Shane Ivers of

This work is licensed under the Attribution License.

  • © Jaguar (Panthera onca) in the dark, Anankkml, Adobe Stock Standard License
  • Audio clip: Barbara Stanwyck in Meet John Doe (1941), Director: Frank Capra, public domain since  1969

*NB/disclaimer – This podcast follows a personal journey, as well as the journeys and life experiences of our guests, and is offered as philosophical & creative inspiration. Although I am a psychologist by education, the material within is not therapy or substitute for therapy. However, it is dedicated as virtual temenos for accessing the therapeutic numinous, in hope of being of good service to your soul in exploring the potentials of each moment in time.

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