Art by ©Milana Vujkov

Battle Of Babylon

I raged against your bloodless face
Mocking my burning essence,
I raged against the shallow grave
Of your vain, slothful indifference,
I raged against each breath you took
Away from me by proxy –
You are the nemesis I never thought
I would know how to fight,
As there is no power in you,
Just pale inertia of gravity,
You push and other forces
Accomplish the deeds for you.
So I raged against your tactics
Of exhausting me in rage,
As your strategy was simply to
Show strength through my weakness.
I raged until my fire was nearly
Extinguished and there was
No blood in me,
Just a cold blue flame,
The one that cannot die,
As it is of another world –
A world you sense, but know not.
And now it’s coming for you.
Not in defense, not in fear,
Not in anger.
In union.
It is now
The shepherd.

©Milana Vujkov, Battle Of Babylon, 2016

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