7.30 to Euston

To all those valiant souls
who chose the Word
as chalice to their
sweet love for the Other.

To them who, throughout
fight the shadows
of indifferent silence.

To the ones
who believe in passing on
boundless blessings
of Our Maker.

To the Wordsmiths of the Sun,
trembling with courage,
seeking to deafen
the impending darkness.

To all who know not
of any other way
than towards the Eternal.

To the Redeemers of our World,
wings on our bellies,
the martyrs of constant tomorrows,
changing the unreliable now
into bliss of being with the Beloved.

To all those
whose pledge is to serve
the fallen armies
of the hungry and the broken.

Your words are never wasted.

They are,
in their ethereal mercy,
the indestructible
imprint of God.

© Milana Vujkov, 7.30 to Euston, 2004

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