Category: Short Stories

  • Annie & Carrie

    Annie & Carrie

    Woman wants dead twin arrested. A short story. This first thing Annie would do when she woke up in the morning was say hello to her dead twin. Even though she was dead, Carrie would hang around, and sometimes they would even have a peaceful cup of tea.

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  • God’s Analyst

    God’s Analyst

    The man who solved the world. A short story. Trevor wanted to save the world. This was his passion. It took a fair amount of his time and energy, but he didn’t mind. It was a lonely task, mostly done anonymously, in difficult circumstances, nevertheless, Trevor was unwavering in his commitment.

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  • Cruel Cuts

    Cruel Cuts

    Woman shapes futures with haircuts. A short story. Tammy found early on that she had a knack for shaping destinies. When she listened to grown-ups talk as a child, she would always feel the roughness in the edges of conversations, the disjointed emotion, uneven reasoning to an argument.

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  • The Fish Lady

    The Fish Lady

    A woman selling fish encounters salvation. Short story. The fish were terrified. Georgina’s round, placid face appeared to come out of nowhere, a full moon over their quivering last minutes on Earth…

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  • Fred Is Dead

    Fred Is Dead

    Man wishes to be worm. A short story. It was an achingly cold day in December when Fred decided to walk his dog in the park, stark naked.

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  • Electric Locusts

    Electric Locusts

    Woman on the verge of a fridge. A short story. Wanda moved slowly towards the fridge in her claustrophobic little studio flat, stood in front of the stained white monolith for a moment or two, and then opened it wide, with majestic pathos.

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