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To Anima mundi

All narrative is a lie. The truth can only be heard in the pauses between words. In stillness. When we recognise our own breath.

Welcome to Poets, Mavericks & Prophets, a manufacturer of philosophical mischief, psychological acrobatics, alchemical art projects & esoteric master plans. PMaPs regular offerings are soulful nuggets, ephemeral impressions picked up in moments when the self & the Anima mundi aligned –  gathered as micro blog posts, scribbled & shared throughout the years as I went about the business of being a human. A psychological diary and a spirit to-do list, in one.

If you fancy surfing poetry, digging into phantasmagorical stories, exploring alchemical psychology, choosing your film food wisely, enchanting your time with magical imagery, buying a piece of storytelling jewellery at the story shop, or jingling a podcast on the mystical & the mundane while you’re on the road, it’s all here, in the Menu, uploaded or streamed somewhere – give it a look and a whirl. For anyone searching for a creative boost, online, or in situ, PMaPs is launching storytelling workshops, coming soon to a reality near you.

With hope that you find what you are looking for, on this site – and in life. Sweet travels.

Lola & The Poets Podcast

On Liminality & Sensory Experiences – With Joshua Sternlicht Lola & The Poets

In Episode 7 Lola & The Poets is joined by Joshua Sternlicht, filmmaker, educator, and Liminal Sessions organiser, based in Lisbon, Portugal, talking liminality, his travels as an art educator, the palpable primacy of our senses in navigating realities, curating holistic experiences at Quinta de Sant’Ana, where the magic of the fives senses is evoked with great aplomb, the value of good food and time spent in nature, importance of gratitude, his long career as a filmmaker, ancestral roots, as well as the mystery of octagonal rooms in medieval Polish castles. Join us for a fun conversation, and essential info on how to get Joshua to book you a bike ride of a lifetime. SHOW NOTES: Liminal Sessions Website | Liminal Sessions Instagram | Liminal Sessions Facebook | Liminal Sessions YouTube Channel | Eyespot Films | Joshua Sternlicht Vimeo | Contact Joshua Sternlicht |  CREDITS: © Samovar Party by Shane Ivers | See more info on episode & credits. AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov
  1. On Liminality & Sensory Experiences – With Joshua Sternlicht
  2. On Plant Wisdom – With Don Roberto
  3. In The Shadows, Part 2
  4. Mythic Doodling – With Divyam Chaya Bernstein
  5. In The Shadows, Part 1 – Solo Show
  6. On Wanderlust – With Milica Mijatović
  7. On The Magical Real – Show Intro

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