God’s Analyst

The man who solved the world. A short story.

★ Trevor wanted to save the world. This was his passion. It took a fair amount of his time and energy, but he didn’t mind. It was a lonely task, mostly done anonymously, in difficult circumstances, nevertheless, Trevor was unwavering in his commitment… {read more}

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Cruel Cuts

Woman shapes futures with haircuts. A short story.

★ Tammy found early on that she had a knack for shaping destinies. When she listened to grown-ups talk as a child, she would always feel the roughness in the edges of conversations, the disjointed emotion, uneven reasoning to an argument… {read more}

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Electric Locusts

Woman on the verge of a fridge. A short story.

★ Wanda moved slowly towards the fridge in her claustrophobic little studio flat, stood in front of the stained white monolith for a moment or two, and then opened it wide, with majestic pathos… {read more}

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