The Sacred Tree


Poets, Mavericks & Prophets is launching online PMaPsArt Studio alchemical storytelling workshops – the first course in Winter 2022 is The Sacred Tree. Designed as temenos, these workshops are aimed to be joyful sacred spaces for psychological art work and creative inspiration, drawing on alchemical symbolism, fusing storytelling, artistic expression & play. Workshops will be available in English (International Workshops).

The Sacred Tree is envisioned as a series of eight individual workshops, aimed at ‘reforesting’ our lives, creating a more lively, connected, joyful daily existence through an alchemical approach to key elements of our embodied psyches. The course is dedicated to Anima mundi – the World Soul.

The workshops will take place online, from Saturday, 22 January 2022 to Saturday, 12 March 2022.

All workshops will be 3h in duration and divided into three parts. In the first hour I will talk about the theme of the individual workshop, in a lecture format, the second hour will be allocated for group journeys, helpful techniques, and alchemical art exercises. The third hour is for sharing our experience, thoughts, mutual support and guidance. The workshops will take place on Zoom, and links will be sent to all participants one day ahead of the individual workshop.

The workshops are intended for everyone with an interest in alchemical psychology and art – for novices, as well as seasoned practitioners.

Please take care to book on time, as places will be limited so everyone has their own space within the group dynamics. Groups will not be more than 30 people.

All workshops are available for purchase either separately, or as one package. Prices for individual workshops are €22/2,500 RSD per participant, and for all eight workshops, as a package – €136/16,000 RSD. For international payments, please select the PayPal options at the bottom of Workshops page.

Payments in Serbia are made via direct mobile or e-banking, for which I will provide instructions via email as soon as you confirm your attendance. To book please email me at

The Sacred Tree Full Curriculum will be available for download on the Workshops page from tomorrow. Below you will find The Sacred Tree Workshops Summary & Timetable.

I am immensely looking forward for a chance to meet people that are interested in my work – at least in virtual form, for now. Especially one’s that have been following this blog for years, as well as new arrivals. Everything good I have done since I started Poets Mavericks & Prophets in 2014 would not have happened without your participation. The readership has grown steadily over the years, and is entirely international, to my great joy, so I am anticipating a lovely mix of all our tribe across the globe.

As introduction to the course there will be a free webinar held on Wednesday, 19 January 2022 (18-19.15h CET), via Zoom. Links to register will be sent a day ahead of event.

See you in the aethereal, if not now, then maybe for a next course.

AUTHOR: ©Milana Vujkov




On reforesting our lives. Dedicated to Anima mundi.

FREE INTRO WEBINAR : Wednesday, 19 January 2022 (International, 18-19.15h CET).

Eight online group workshops. Workshops duration 3h.

Saturday, 22 January 2022 – Sunday, 12 March 2022

All bookings and enquires at:


Sacred Space, Ancestor Work & Roots Of The Tree

Saturday, 22 January 2022 (17-20h CET).


Temple Of Venus: Creativity & The Divine Feminine

Saturday, 29 January 2022 (17-20h CET).


Enchantments, Desire Lines, Visions: Expressing Our Will

Saturday, 5 February 2022 (17-20h CET).


Storytelling, Soul Food & Medicine Of Remembrance

Saturday, 12 February (17-20h CET).


Soundtracks, Rhythms & Vocalisation Of Intent

Saturday, 19 February (17-20h CET).


Divination – The Art Of Tracing The Aethereal

Saturday, 26 February 2022 (17-20h CET).


Poetic Imagination, Stellar Gateway

Saturday, 5 March 2022 (17-20h CET).


Crystal Lore & Custodians Of Earth

Saturday, 12 March 2022 (17-20h CET).

CET – Central European Time, UTC + 1.

My academic references & certificates: Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner, TA Centre, Novi Sad, 1996. Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Faculty Of Philosophy, University Of Novi Sad, 1997. MA in History Of Film & Visual Media, Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, University Of London, 2005. Around 600 hours of theoretical & practical work, as well as workshops, at the Serbian Society For Integrative Art Psychotherapy (IAP), Novi Sad/Belgrade (2010-2018). Also attended workshops & courses in psychodrama, fine arts, dramatic arts, dance therapy, astrology, and various hermetica.

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