On Plant Wisdom – With Don Roberto

In Episode 6 Lola & The Poets is joined by Don Roberto, medical anthropologist and medicine man, raised in Indonesia and London, based in Taiwan. We’re talking glorious variety of topics, from childhood imaginal friends and UFO experiences, liminal multi-universe existences crossing lands and cultures, trajectory of processing beliefs into praxis, to what Don Roberto is uniquely qualified to discuss – shamanism and its lore, medicine cultures and practices, Shipibo plant spirit healing lineage in Peru, plant teachers as ambassadors of Mother Earth, body work and hypnotherapy, the role of music in creating sacred space, soul retrieval and entity removal, sorcery and cultural appropriation, psychonauts and psychedelia, and much more.

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CREDITS: © Samovar Party by Shane Ivers | See more info on episode & credits.

AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov

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