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Lola & The Poets podcast is a virtual alchemical workshop exploring personal and collective magical journeys, the ways the mystical & the mundane are intertwined. Psychology, culture, art, alchemy. Solo shows & interviews. Out every odd Thursday. Hosted by Milana Vujkov.

Shows are available for download at Poets, Mavericks & Prophets. Please go to our Podcast page, sample, click links & mingle – choose your hearts desire.

You can also find us now at Lola & The Poets on Spotify

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In The Shadows, Part 2 – Solo Show

In Episode 5 Lola & The Poets is back with the second solo show on the concept of the shadow, number two of the three shows I plan on this topic. This one is on the shadow-patterning of communications, the chiaroscuro of social media, and the idea of the doppelgänger, our shadow twin. The episode arrives, as is always the case with alchemical brews, just on time, while the entire world is transferred online. Give it a spin.

SHOW NOTES: Film, the Alchemical Medium | Archetypal Enchantment And The Twin Of David LynchRune SoupRudolf Steiner on The Double

CREDITS: © Samovar Party by Shane Ivers | See more info on episode & credits.

AUTHOR: © Milana Vujkov

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What is the value of awe?

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Literary Hygiene

To read is to allow a world to inhabit our mind, in silence.

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Dragon Medicine

Choose your path, you are the light, or you chase the light.

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Hidden In Plain Sight

Notes On Alchemical Psychology is a series of texts dedicated to personal creative therapeutic work, merging the old ways & the new.
★ In Hidden In Plain Sight I talk about the lore of the traditional handcrafted Russian Doll, of stories nested within stories, astrological rising signs, and all things hidden in plain sight.. {read more}

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What an incredible triumph it is – to be who we are, and survive.

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If we do not let it in, it cannot harm us.

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There is knowledge we can only earn, never acquire.

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That’s when Marilyn died,
and my mother was born
of her mother.
A long line of women
dressed in black,
shutters on their eyes…
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The Heart Paradox

Whatever makes us happy doesn’t have to be real, but it needs to be true.

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Arguing with arrogance is the ultimate way to squander time.

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