Poe for Beginners

House your fears in a derelict mansion on the edge of town. Dress them up in period clothes & take away their shoes. Let them loose on each other.

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Sisyphus Released

Push the walls on both sides until your hands sink through them. Lift them up in the air. Take a deep breath. Then blow them apart.

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Imagine thoughts as butterflies caught in the steel net of your troubled mind. Pierce the net with a sharp sound. Let them out. One by one.

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Let go of what most concerns you, and fill the void with water. Then let the water flow slowly onto fertile ground. Wait.

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Welcome/Anima mundi

All narrative is a lie. The truth can only be heard in the pauses between words. In stillness. When we recognise our own breath

Welcome to Poets, Mavericks & Prophets, a manufacturer of philosophical mischief, psychological acrobatics, alchemical art projects & esoteric master plans. Its mission is to spark insights, warm heart fiddles & dance with you through this valley of transformation, our Mother Earth.

PMaPs regular offering are soul nuggets, ephemeral impressions picked up in moments when the self & the anima mundi aligned –  gathered as micro blog posts below, scribbled & shared throughout the years as I went about the business of being a human. A psychological diary and a spirit to-do list, in one.

If you fancy reading art manifestos & surfing poetry, digging into phantasmagorical stories, exploring myth, storytelling & psychology, choosing your film food wisely, or jingling a podcast on the magical real while you’re on the road, it’s all here, or linked somewhere, give it a look and a whirl. For anyone searching for a creative boost, in situ, PMaPs is launching alchemical workshops, coming soon to a reality near you.

With hope that you find what you are looking for on this site – and in life. Sweet travels.

Poets, Mavericks & Prophets presents:
  • Lola & The Poets Podcast – Designed as virtual alchemical workshop for spiritual detectives, exploring personal and collective magical journeys, the ways the mystical & the mundane are intertwined. Psychology, culture, art & alchemy. Solo shows, interviews. Out every odd Thursday. Follow PMaPs for updates, or subscribe for the bell on YouTube. {back on air in June}
  • Notes On Alchemical Psychologya series of texts dedicated to personal creative therapeutic work, merging the old ways & the new. A scribe’s pilgrimage through the spheres of elegant, respectable left brain academia, into the wild, ephemeral mysteries of the right hemisphere.
  • Lola On Film – deconstructs the spectacle, measures empty calories & offers nutritional insights on film, film culture & cinema’s place in society, as well as in our individual psychology. Reviews, articles, filmology. Go see what Lola says…
  • психолола*workshops – creative spaces for group/individual psychological work & joyful inspiration, fusing various art forms, tales from the vaults of our planetary heritage, and assorted alchemical symbolism – traditional & personal, through storytelling, artistic expression & play. Lectures, conversations & practical exercises. Planned as group workshops in Serbia and the UK, and as individual consultations online. To be launched in September, as the current planetary situation allows. {more info coming soon}
  • Lola & The Poets Facebook – everyday fun with social media alchemy, PMaPs word material in conversation with visual works of art & artists we love. If you’re into enchanting virtual doodles  – it’s the place for you.


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